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What is required of all NJB coaches and volunteers?
1. "Gold Standard" background screen from NCSI, completed through SportsEngine

2.  Abuse Prevention Training, completed through SportsEngine

3.  Image Release, NJB Refund Policy, Release Of Liability For Minor Participants, Brain Injury / Concussion Risk Management Plan, Child Abuse / Molestation Risk Management Plan
How do volunteers complete the required items?

NJB has a 2022-2023 membership registration through SportsEngine that can be accessed below.  This membership is valid until July 31, 2023. This registration will include your Safety Requirements, in addition to NJB waivers.  Completion of all NJB membership requirements are necessary for your participation.   The cost of your 2022-2023 NJB Membership is $29.
Step 1:  Complete this registration form 
(In completing the registration link below, you will be prompted to create a new SportsEngine profile, or login to an existing SportsEngine profile)
Step 2:  Complete requirements sent to you via email.  After completing the registration, you will receive an email with instructions for completing your remaining NJB Safety requirements.
You can also access your requirements here.
Step 3:  Download your DigitalMembership Card
(See directions below)
Introducing: Digital Membership Cards
How to download and use your NJB Digital Membership Card
Effective 2020, NJB will use virtual staff cards to confirm your eligibility and completion of Safety Requirements.  

To make sure you are ready to show your virtual card before games, please use one of the following methods to save your  Digital Membership Card to your Smartphone Wallet.  (Please complete these steps after submitting your background screen)

How to Access Digital Cards via Email

From a smartphone, navigate to your email inbox and open the “NJB Membership Email”

Scroll to the bottom of the email 
Under the digital card for the member, tap -
Add to Apple Wallet -- OR -- Add to G Pay
How to Access Digital Cards via SE Account

1.  From a smartphone, open your browser and go to 

2.  From the top right corner, tap Sign In and access your account 

3.  Tap your profile picture or initials 

4.  Tap My Account 

5.  From the top-left portion of the screen, click the hamburger icon > My Account > Profiles 

6.  Under the membership associated with the profile, tap the Wallet Icon 

7.  Tap Add to Apple Wallet -- OR -- Add to G Pay
Background Screens Status:

By default, when a background screen is submitted it goes into a "Pending" status. 

The background screening process is typically completed in 3 to 5  business days from the date of submission. Be aware that the turnaround time can vary for a variety of reasons including: the applicant needs to verify their personal data with the NCSI team; or courthouses are experiencing delays either due to heavy volume or other circumstances.  

If your screening is delayed, please check your inbox for emails from , as NCSI may have reached out to you to verify your personal data.

After five business days, please contact NCSI directly at for a status update. Depending on the status, the NCSI support team may be able to expedite the process to complete and deliver the report.
If the background screening status says "Pending Verification", further validation of the applicant's personal information is required. The applicant should reach out to NCSI Customer Support at